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Vancouver Production Pulse

Visit our Blog to read stories about film-making that go back nearly 40 years. Mitch is currently a much sought after business consultant for the supply side of the Vancouver biz. He was an executive in that area for a dozen years and has been a producer, director, writer, actor, stunt performer since 1985. Clif is Vancouver's top bodyguard and has worked for Jared Padalecki for the last 16 years, traveling all over the world with Jared and Jensen Ackles.

Focus On Photography by Pulse

The Facebook Page Focus On Photography by Pulse features remarkable photos (captures, as photographers say) from around the world. These photos are also featured on Mitch's Instagram account "Mitch.Kosterman". The photos are mostly landscapes, cityscapes, animals and birds. This page has only been running for a year and has already received many accolades. You can also send us a photo and we will consider it for posting.

Supernatural Fandom - FREE

Go to the Mitch Kosterman YouTube Channel to watch many things Produced by Mitch, his brother Clif and Jason Fischer of Frostbite Pictures, including Supernatural Fandom, the full feature documentary film. You can also watch all 12 episodes of the series Supernatural Fandom PLUS many promo videos, gag reels, bonus content from the Supernatural Fandom DVDs and More. Feedback Welcome